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Brands Ninja

Brands Ninja

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Products
  2. Shipping
  3. Payments
  4. Returns & Refunds
  5. Making the Order
  6. Order Issues
  7. Other

1. Products

Question: Are our products licensed and authentic?

Answer: Yes, all of them, or your money back. 

Q: where are your products made

A: Mostly in China, but some in Europe and the US

Q: Do your electric / moving parts products - like watches and alarm clocks - have a warranty?

A: Yes, up to half a year calendar days

Q: Do your electric products come with batteries?

A: No, they do not come with batteries 

2. Shipping:

Q: Can I track my order once it is shipped?

A: yes, absolutely in the USPS site

Q: What types of shipping methods are there?

A: 2 types – first class airmail, and express. In both cases, we charge a flat fee. More our shipping, here: https://brands.ninja/shipping/

Q: Do you ship abroad?

A: Yes, but at this time we only ship to the Canada, the UK and Ireland, and Australia

Q. What method of shipping do you have for the international locations you ship to at present?

A. Same as domestic unless specified by you - First class international airmail, or express EMS.

Q: What about free shipping?

A: Any order above 50$ to the US, Canada and the UK and any order above 60$ to Australia qualifies for free shipping

Q: Are your products shipped from the USA?

A: Yes. all of them

Q: Do you ship to US Military addresses abroad and US territories not in the continental US (Palau, Guam and etc.)?

A: Yes, we do

Q: When does my order ship out?

A: Up to 2 business days after making the order (which do not include holidays and weekends).

Q: Do you offer combined shipping for multiple items?

A: Yes, if you order more than 1 item, each additional one is 1.5$

3. Payments:

Q: What type of payment methods do you accept?

A: Paypal or direct purchase with credit card via stripe

Q: Do you accept Cash on Delivery, wire transfer, Western Union or money orders?

A: Unfortunately not at this time.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes for the items?

A: No, no taxes are applied to your purchase at this time

4. Returns & Refunds

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Yes, up to 60 calendar days and NO QUESTIONS ASKED and for ANY reason. However, if there was no issue with the order process then the refund does not include the shipping.

Q: What is your exchange policy?

A: If you decide you want a different product that we have instead, of the one you bought from us and we shipped it already - but BEFORE you actually received the product - then on your end you do "return to sender"  once you get it (then the shipping doesn't cost you anything) and simultaneously reorder the new product. If we see that the product was "Returned to sender" and it's on its way we will credit you the value of the item returning item even before we received it back - however the 2nd shipment of the new item is entirely borne by the customer.  If you already opened the product out of its official box, then we cannot do an exchange (unless, off course, the item is damaged, the wrong item or you feel it is not as described).

Q: What can I expect from my refund?

A: If the order process was entirely intact - shipping time, item arrived intact and it is as described -  and it is before 60 calender days and you are simply not happy with the product, then you can send it back to us and we will refund you once we get it. In this case, unfortuanntly, the return shipping is borne by the customer. 

Q: When can I expect my refund?

A: Then is entirely dependent on the payment processor you use - if it is paypal then it is immediately of course. If it is direct payment with your credit or debit card normally it takes 7-14 calendar days. 

5. Making the Order

Q: Can I edit the order after I make it?

A: If you wish to edit it before we ship it, just contact us in one of the methods available to you (phone, email, live chat) and inform us and we will make the change. To pay for the extra item we will ask you to pay for it directly through our website and then we will combine the shipping charge and refund you any unnecessary charge for the shipping.

Q: Can I cancel the order?

A: If you ask us to cancel it before we ship it, than we simply cancel it at no charge. If it was already shipped, then once you receive the item, just do a "return to sender" without opening the package, and once we see in the tracking it was "returned to sender" we refund you for the item. However, the initial shipping charge we cannot refund. 

6. Order Issues

Q: If my item in the box arrived damaged or the wrong one?

A: Such events are rare, but in such a case please let us know asap, and we will send you a new one immediately, along with a nice complimentary gift. Unless you prefer a refund, and then we will send you a refund asap, including the shipping.

Q: If I believe my order is not as described in the product page?

A: We accept your request and issue you a full refund, including the shipping 

Q: If I ordered an apparel item, like a hat or shirt, and I feel it does not fit me even though on paper it should?

A: Here too we accept your point of view and what you feel COMPLETELY, and you are eligible to our full refund, including the shipping - no questions asked. Alternatively, we can also send you a different item instead and hopefully, that will fit you better.

7. Other

Q: Do you have an Amazon or eBay store where you sell these products?

A: No, most of the products on the site are exclusive to this site.

Q. Do you have a dropshipping program?

A: Not at the moment, but it is planned.

Q: Can I buy wholesale for my store, or for some other purpose like a large event?

A: Even though we don't have a wholesale program at this time, you can email us directly, and we will quote you if there is something you want wholesale.

Q: How can I contact you if I have a question, before or after the order?

A. email, phone, chat and old-fashioned snail mail

Q: Do you provide hard-copy invoices?

A. In the orders themselves we don't unless you specifically request. 

Q: Do I receive an invoice when making an order?

A: When you make the order, you receive an E-invoice and receipt automatically, and we can also email it to you if you can't find it in your inbox or if it was caught in your spam folder.